About Us

The C-S-A company has been developing since 2007 and now we divide our business in:

  1. TRADE

    We offer:

    - new wooden pallets of all types – EUR, 1-way, CP, US & special sizes

    - wire and steel products according to your specification or sample

    - aluminium and glass – aluminium frames with glass, mirrors, legs & feet

    All our products are custom made and majority of sales is for foreign markets where we focus on long term business.

    Our aim is Your satisfaction.

  2. Business consulting – outsourcing and market analysis

    We can find new prospective customers for You or new prospective suppliers that will meet Your demands. We can also develop new markets or strenghten your position on the domestic and foreign market.

    At Your request we perform quality control with full report

    Just let us know your demands and we will meet them.